Windows Home Server Migration Assistant Pro 1.06 (Individual Use)

Windows Home Server Migration Assistant Pro 1.06 (Individual Use)
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Product Information

The WHS Migration Assistant (WHS2WHS) is designed to help primarily with the planning of the data move from Windows Home Server to Windows Home Server 2011. There are two versions of WHS2WHS: the Basic version and the Pro version. The Pro version, in addition to the planning functions, has functions for partially automating the actual data movements and other functions for saving, restoring and printing multiple plans. NOTE: WHS2WHS Pro does not directly copy, erase nor move any data. It provides a planning template as well as a framework for invoking other tools, using the plan as a guide.

 Method of Operation:

 Think of the move operation as going from left to right.  WHS2WHS presents a screen that shows the shared folders from the source WHS system on the left, and the Volumes (drives) associated with the WHS 2011 system on the right. This reflects the fact that WHS 2011 uses a different scheme for managing shared folders. Instead of locating folders on a large pool of data that Drive Extender maps onto multiple drives, WHS 2011 requires the administrator to allocate shared folders to logical disk volumes, which usually correspond directly to physical disk drives, but not necessarily. Technologies such as RAID can be used to create logical volumes with various reliability and performance attributes comprised of multiple physical drives. WHS 2011 works with the logical drives (or “volumes”). The planning function of WHS2WHS makes it easy to experiment with different ways of mapping your folders, and to keep track of the plan, including notes describing the characteristics of the target volumes, backup strategy, etc.

WHS2WHS Pro supports several ways to describe the Source and Target data paths:

  ·         Default: Both Source and Target folders are described as network shares (UNC); e.g., “SourceServerMovies” and “TargetServerMovies”.

  ·         Option: Source folders can be described as native WHS V1 disk drive folders, such as “D:DESharesMovies” or “C:fs1fDESharesMovies”.

  ·         Option: Target folders can be described in terms of native WHS 2011 volume folders, such as “E:ServerFoldersMovies”.

  ·         Override:  In Default Mode, a Mapped Network Drive (e.g., “M:” is automatically recognized. In this case, the user is responsible for making sure the correct folder is being mapped.

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For more details, please take advantage of the following task-oriented articles:

  ·         Getting Started: How To Setup a Plan

  ·         Automated Planning Features

  ·         Automated Copy Operations

  ·         Physical Drive Inventory

  ·         Copying Share -> Share

  ·         Copying Local WHS V1 Disk -> Share

  ·         Copying Share -> Local WHS 2011 Volume

  ·         Copying Local WHS V1 Disk -> Local WHS 2011 Volume

  ·         Copying Share -> Mapped Network Drive


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